DDrum is an US company, currently a division of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc. that manufactures acoustic and electronic drum sets.

DDrum was originally a brand of Clavia, makers of the Nord series of keyboards and synthesizers. In 2005 the company was sold to Armadillo[1] who expanded the brand from only electronic drums into a wider range of products.

ddrum Creative Director

NAMM was a huge success for us as a drum company. We presented our finest ideas to date to the drumming community and the reaction was more than we expected. Our booth was constantly overflowing with artists, dealers, consumers, fans, and fellow drum industry representatives. There were so many people sharing the excitement of new ideas and our ever-growing and evolving family of ddrum artists. Not only were we proud to show off our new ddrum products, we were also elated to share this exciting time with many of our amazing ddrum artists who were able to visit with us at the booth..

Our new Vinnie Paul (Pantera/Damageplan/Hellyeah) and Carmine Appice (Drum Legend) Signature Products were a major highlight from the show. People from all over the world gathered at our booth to see what we unveiled for Carmine and Vinnie.



Vinnie`s kit was larger than life in the booth- with a custom flame/skull finish and our new customizable lug design. His kit was the centerpiece. These are massive and thunderous drums made to Vinnie`s custom specs.




Prototypes of his two new snares flanked the custom kit.


Also, Vinnie`s signature pedals were the talk of the booth- boasting ddrum`s finest hardware development to date.



Rivaling the industry`s most popular pedals; the smoothness, adjustability, and durability of these new pedals are a force to be reckoned with. Vinnie signed autographs both Friday and Saturday- amassing a line all the way around the booth that stretched past many other exhibits. Needless to say, even with the signing being extended to two hours on the second day, the line never slowed. Much thanks to Vinnie, Cowboy, Video Bob and the rest of the Vinnie Paul crew for making the signing a great success!




Carmine`s featured products brought a constant flow of onlookers and fans. His signature red sparkle kit was a massive hit at the show. It is a remake of the kit he played on the Ed Sullivan Show with Vanilla Fudge. We at ddrum are proud to bring a piece of drum history to life, having worked closely with Carmine to recreate this special edition drumset. Also on display was the actual red jacket Carmine wore on the Ed Sullivan show and a video of the original performance. Carmine`s Signature Brass Snare also grabbed a lot of attention and was a great addition to Carmine`s Signature line and ddrum`s snare lineup.




The tone sounds so great Carmine can`t resist taking a bite out of his Signature Brass Shell Snare Drum!!




Corky Laing from "Mountain" was present for the presentation and signing of his signature "Mississippi Queen" Cowbell!

Terry Platt- Division Manager, Ddrum (Left) 
Elliott Rubinson- CEO, Armadillo Enterprises (Right)

There were many other ddrum artists on hand for signing and interviews.

Left, Chad Stewart (LA GUNS) and Right, John Humphrey (Seether) with fans.
Mike Marsh (Dashboard Confessional) Checks out the Custom USA Kit


Ray Luzier (Korn) LEFT with Mike Swenson (ddrum Creative Director) RIGHT

Rick Hughes(ddrum Artist Relations) LEFTwith Shawn Drover (Megadeth) RIGHT


Left to Right: Dae Dae Haddon, Carlos McSwain, Terry Platt, "Big Mike" Clemons, Rick Hughes, Gary Ingraffia, Poogie Bell


"Jizzmak" of Gwar

Athena (Kottkak)


Left to Right: Shawn Drover, Pete Sandoval, RIck Hughes, Tim Yeung

Vinnie Paul (Pantera) LEFT Terry Platt (ddrum Division Mgr.) RIGHT

Over and over we heard from guests that we had a great vibe in our booth. Our campaign "We are Ddrum" was launched to inspire diversity within the drumming community- not only among our artists and endorsees, but the ddrummers across the globe. We are thankful for everyone who plays our drums- whether on stage, in the studio, or at home. We are all part of the family, we are strong, we are proud... WE ARE DDRUM!!

Stay tuned for new product pages to appear on the site- as well as more pics and video from NAMM. Thanks to everyone for making this our most successful NAMM exhibition ever!